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Energy touches our lives in many ways. Transportation fuels are vital to the economic, food, industrial and labor security of the nation. Fossil-based transportation fuels are major contributors to the environmental degradation of our air, water and build up of greenhouse gases.

The gradual transition from fossil-based to renewable-based transportation fuels will make positive contributions to these components of our national security. Many Americans will be involved in the new bio-refinery industries. The progress will be rapid and demonstrable.

Since fuel ethanol is the only renewable fuel produced in abundance today, it will be a leading factor in meeting demand created by a Renewable Fuel Standard. The benefits of the current grain-based ethanol industry in the United States are significant. As technology advances and ethanol from other sources becomes more cost effective, the benefits of increased ethanol use will continue to grow.

National Security


Stimulating the Rural Economy

Development of Biomass Resources