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In spite of the threats imposed on our society by growing oil imports and air pollution, clean fuels continue to be subjected to rumors and unfounded concerns based on outdated research. As a result, there is a constant need for high quality and consistent information about clean fuels from government, industry, academia and consumers. CFDC is always working to counter the myths and miscommunications surrounding the development of clean fuels by producing new publications and other educational information that become public record. Our publications and public record efforts are categorized into Fact Books, Issue Briefs, White Papers, Industry and Public Forums, and General Information. To request any of the publications listed below, or if you have an idea for a new publication, please contact our office.

Fact Books
CFDC Fact Books provide in-depth information on clean fuel topics. Fact books contain the latest information regarding ethanol, oxygenated fuels, and alternative fuel vehicles.

Ethanol Fact Book (PDF)

Oxygenates Fact Book (PDF)

Dual Fuel Vehicle Fact Book (PDF)

Issues Briefs
CFDC Issue Briefs are single-focused publications providing a quick and insightful analysis on specialized clean fuel topics.

Issue Brief: Environmental Impacts of Ethanol Production
(Summer 2009):

The goal is to break the stranglehold of imported petroleum by developing domestic, renewable energy. But can we achieve this objective while leaving a minimal environmental footprint? Can we keep biofuels clean and green? And can we avoid the oil-soaked sins of the past without setting unrealistic expectations for an evolving renewable energy industry that holds such great promise? The ethanol industry is already out in front of these issues. The profound negative environmental impact of petroleum is well documented. Just ask a seagull that was around for the Exxon Valdez spill. Or the asthma victim who can’t go outdoors thanks to air pollution. Add the crushing cost of imported oil and the incalculable human cost of military action to protect the sources of that oil, and it’s obvious that there is no alternative to finding alternatives.

Click here for Brief (PDF 364 K)

CFDC supports the production and release of the newest in the Issue Brief series published by the Ethanol Across America campaign. The Summer 2008 edition of The Impact of Ethanol Production on Food, Fuel and Feed was designed to help combat the negative media campaign against ethanol by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Copy of the Press Release.

Download Copy of the Report here.

The Net Energy Balance of Ethanol (PDF 460K)
The net energy balance of ethanol has been the subject of great debate over the years. This CFDC Issue Brief provides the latest information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other experts to clearly show a net energy gain.

Energy Security
The Energy Security Issue Brief examines the implications of the U.S.’s growing dependence on imported oil, particularly in terms of its negative economic impact on the American economy. The Issue Brief contains an introduction by Ethanol Across America Board member Senator Richard Lugar who points out that increasing the development and production of renewable fuels such as ethanol will help ensure our national and economic security. Look for future Issue Briefs, including the Economic Impact of Ethanol Plants.

Economic Impact of Ethanol Production
This report, sponsored by CFDC and released by the Ethanol Across America Education Campaign, illustrates how U.S. ethanol production facilities are generating hundreds of millions of dollars to local, state, and federal governments through direct and indirect economic generation. "When indirect and induced jobs are considered, along with capital spending and investment, the ethanol industry is adding more than $40 billion of gross output to the U.S. economy," said U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) Co-Chairman of the Ethanol Across America campaign.

White Papers
CFDC White Papers are designed to provide very brief and focused discussion on current issues facing the development of clean fuels. White Papers feature guest writers and policy discussions from government, academia, and industry experts.

The first in this series is by CFDC Board member Gary Herwick, formerly Director of Mobile Emissions and Fuel Efficiency for General Motors entitled "Energy & Ethanol," it was produced in cooperation with the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, the White Paper makes a compelling argument for accelerated use of ethanol in E85.

The second in the series was written by U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Rural Development Thomas A. Dorr. Mr. Dorr provides information and insights about corn production and import role ethanol production plays in the economic renewal of rural America.

General Information Brochures
CFDC and Ethanol Across America produce a new E10 brochure. When it comes to consumer information the need for quality, consistent information is constant. Despite decades of trouble free use, ethanol blends continue to be subjected to rumors or unfounded concerns. To counter the many myths associated with ethanol CFDC and Ethanol Across America recently produced a new E10 brochure that is available to the public.

Ethanol Tax Brochure (PDF 226K)
CFDC has co-sponsored a guide to aid individuals with the new fuel tax law. The brochure provides information to the changes in tax incentives for ethanol and biodiesel.


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Ethanol Minute Radio CD’s: Cuts of individuals such as Sen. Ben Nelson of NE and Gary Herwick of General Motors speaking on the merits of ethanol. Listen/download The Ethanol Minute in MP3 format right here:

  1. Ethanol Benefits (1.8M)
  2. Oil Imports (1.7M)
  3. Ethanol Performance (1.8M)
  4. Pollution Reduction (1.8M)
  5. Rural Development (1.8M)
  6. Health Benefits of Ethanol (1.8M)
  7. Ethanol Expanding Fuel Supplies (1.8M)
  8. Real Cost of Oil (1.8M)
  9. Biofuels and Bioproducts (1.8M)
  10. Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel (1.8M)
  11. The Biorefinery Concept (1.8M)
  12. The Positive Energy Balance of Ethanol (1.8M)

Industry and Public Forums
In addition to its publications and to fulfill its mission, CFDC often creates and/or participates in various forums designed to educate individuals or stimulate the clean fuels debate. CFDC is often requested to present expert testimony to federal and state governments seeking to understand how clean fuels can help them meet their economic and environmental goals. CFDC and its members are also called upon by oil, automotive, and clean energy related groups to provide insights, information and analysis about the continued development of clean fuels.

To receive a copy of these publications, please contact Carol Warren at (301) 718-0077 or email us at: CFDCInc@aol.com

A shipping and handling fee may be charged to cover our expenses.