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A Diverse Membership

Glance through CFDC's membership roster and you'll find an impressive list, including Ethanol manufacturers and marketers; gasoline and diesel fuel additive manufacturers; agricultural organizations; state agencies; U.S. automakers; and design and engineering firms. This diverse group has joined CFDC because they are all interested in the development of cleaner-burning fuels. We're working together to make conventional fuels better -- and to develop new alternative fuels that protect America's environmental future.

CFDC is dedicated to an 'energy mix' of environmentally sound fuels in the United States. At this time, CFDC efforts are focused primarily on renewable alcohols. We're also supportive of other alternative fuels such as natural gas, propane, electricity, and hybrids of technologies that use them.

Support for such an energy mix has produced what is perhaps the most diverse membership roster of any advocacy group in the U.S. It is a membership we are proud of and allows the coalition to be recognized as a credible source of information for policy makers at all levels.